wood lane

Location: Highgate, London
Client: Private Commission
year: 2012
Value: £600,000
Awards: Lend Lease/AJ Award
Royal Academy 2011
RIBA Regional Award 2017

The new 4 storey house in Highgate maximises the potential of the narrow site to add a contemporary addition to the eclectic villas along Wood Lane. The traditonal relationship of living and sleeping accommodation is inverted with the bedroom set at garden level and the living area elevated above. The double height living level contains an open plan kitchen /dining / living space with an elevated crystalline conservatory on the south side and an external terrace above the entrance.
The Garden and Entrance level plinth is constructed with engineering brick to respond to its earth retaining requirements.The living area element was prefabricated off site and craned in. The living element is made by cold formed timber and resin boat building technology which ensures quality and space efficient construction.